Here at BCW Consulting, We connect people, create opportunities and Improve quality of life. Our purpose is to help those individuals that struggle with Fatloss, Chronic Sickness and Disease thru Realtime Health Monitoring and improvement thru Exercise, Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Changes... I believe that your body is worthy of good care and nobody is more suitably qualified to care for it than yourself... Let me guide you to learn how!


Cells form tissues, tissues form organs, organs form systems, systems form the human body... Take care of your cells! When we reverse one disease we help reverse them all and create vibrant health. Improper diet and lifestyles cause the accumulation of toxins, waste and poisons in the body, inhabiting tissues and cells. This weakens the entire immune system exposing the body to disease and chronic sickness... Let me guide you!

Program Inclusions

-Realtime Mobile Health Monitoring System (HELO)

-Holistic Supplementation

-Functional Training

-Resistence Training


-Wholebody Vibration Training*

-Nutritional Consulting

-Grocery Store Tour

-Lifestyle Adjustments

My Story

I have been in the Health and Fitness Industry for going on 20 years. I've seen so my changes over time and I have learned so much year after year. I started Personal Training in '96 then Strength & Conditioning Coach with the University of Arkansas @ Little Rock in '03. To take it to another level, I started my own Bootcamp Business with Fitness Bootcamp Inc in '07. In 2011, I decided to devote the rest of my time to Holistic Nutrition an attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and studied the relationship between food and the human body and why it is the foundation to good health.... My journey continues

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